Alison Brie’s Cleavage Discusses Peeing on her Vintage Underwear

Alison Brie was on the Seth Meyers show because she’s is promoting some new garbage movie, and because SNL cast and writers all have their own shows.

She told a little little tale of a Mad Men wardrobe war story about wearing vintage underwear and how complex a thing a girdle can be – especially when rushing to take a pee.

The exciting for golden shower fetishists doesn’t end there, because she ended up wearing the urine soaked underwear on set in her scene, they were on a timeline an she’s a professional, as everyone looked on in discuss because of the pungent pee stench….on some homeless man level of urine soaked smells….we can thank coffee and diuretics for.

The exciting thing for non-golden shower fetishes is that an actress is talking about her panties and vagina for an entire segment in a story she finds jokes, but that I think could have been kept to her damn pissing self…